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Chutian Nan Baile Bai sleeves rebuke, and then turned to Chu Er

Chutian Nan wearing purple Jin Daoguan, wear one from time to time A hint of Chinese blinks of the purple robe, waist yudai also fluorescence bursts, know what people see at a glance belt by thirty-six Yu-Jane each Jade Jane hides a strong defensive battle. "Head, I grew up listening to the village for the elderly to talk about your story, comprehension of the world have been longing for comprehension for those who find this out from the village in the mountains, then lost again to go back and ask the older generation to accept my it.I will redouble our efforts to practice, not ashamed to Shushan. " Heard the Shushan head to make Erh send down the mountain, Hsu Chen wind suddenly tense up, and finally to encounter comprehension, seeing will be able to reach a dream for many years, how can you say no no? Xu Chen wind hastily stepped forward, imploringly looked Chutian Nan.I cheap wallets hope he can recover the decision to stay. Xu Chen wind that even if they do not look after their own, but just do not drive him down the mountain.Just let him stay in the martial art, even when an odd jobs.Later, he still hopes to practice, but if sent down the mountain, so would like to find the opportunity to be difficult. Xu Chen wind, so ask for small to large have not yet, but his heart will be looked comprehension early as inappropriate. I let Chu Tiannan they know Hsu Chen wind When people look at, do not know will he beat it? "Little brother!I will not let you into my Shushan, but you have been practicing the best age.Body tendons has long been fixed, even if the practice can not what.Our comprehension by the wrong side of destiny, this Guards existence.And days of fighting, and to struggle and fight against the danger of not a few words can be said, often accidentally wits, have not even continue the cycle of the opportunity, we can not harm you, ah! " The Chutian Nan suddenly say a large section, then, interpretation warning.At this point, he seemed like a good guidance elders in teaching their children. "No, I'm not afraid!I will try to practice, done in strict accordance with the teachings of the head, seeking head, do not let me down.Or let me do odd jobs in the door inside, I would surely cheap handbags dry. " Chen Xu wind is really anxious to be able to practice his pay is already a lot, watched an opportunity cheap sunglasses and then the front is not to fight. "Nonsense!Practice how can such a trifling matter, you do not really suitable for cultivation, or down to go, do not to the harm of their own lives. " Chutian Nan Baile Bai sleeves rebuke, and then turned to Chu Erh Erh, you are responsible to send the little brother down the hill. " The cheap belts "older generation!I " "Hugh to say, let the Erh send you down."The Chutian Nan turned away, watching the colorful streamer plaque that says "Sword Happy" four characters in the hall. "Wait a minute!Head of the brothers, can you let me have a word? "Sitting at the side of the Li stood up. "Well?""Chutian Nan turned to" The Young What are you saying? " "Head of the brothers, I let this little brother worship into my Yu Jianfe

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nurture hope into the next Renren Huang

walk away and smashed the void, a sideways drilling into Wu Tianhua watching Road to take the kids to leave, you want to stop, can be Na Laodao already tied his body to use force [/url=http://www.rnbag.com/]Replica Starts Handbags[url] to take him away, just unlock the Road a go, the Wu Tianhua body is a loose, and then punch hit the wall, took out his cell phone to dial out: "Hey , HuangImmediately tell the government to send people to contact the Long group!Find a seasoned, the Na Laodao holding a child, how much money it does not matter, must take the child to get it back to me! " Hung up the phone, and saw an unconscious Murong Choi Wan Wu Tianhua hand going to ring the bell to call medical personnel, I suddenly felt behind me an air wave, Wu Tianhua back a look but met with a, Na Laodao looks, actually, and before of the seasoned exactly the same, just dressed in polar ice black the silkworm Promise robe, feet marching secret boots, wearing a black Golden Delicious hands behind the waist to reveal a Xuanyin Ray tie.Although the same appearance, but wearing before seasoned large diameter the contrary, [/url=http://www.rnbag.com/cheap-handbags]cheap handbags[url] a plain indifferent, an elegant and poised. "Hey, come one step behind!But let the old man grab the opportunities ...... Huh?The baby before but to a seasoned, but also taken away a child, but you are the son of? "The Na Laodao but not before seasoned ruffian, decent is, people can not look. "You took away my son to do!"Wu Tianhua want to press the alarm, but it was a long term resident, looked at the Black Road, Wu Tianhua felt a fatal pressure, sudden gush golden Wu Tianhua chest actually look black seasoned black CD-ROM out of the in vitro! Oh?Holy Word of the body, not as good as this baby revenue Ha, nurture hope into the next Renren Huang "Think to myself, Black Road Air Road, small doll Moji, Pindao and Na Laodao is the brothers, and another could not understand. " "Are you twins?"Wu Tianhua be considered to understand the Black Road and solution tied the art of the body, Wu Tianhua startled the startled face, forced face into a smile, said "I do not know the older generation could help the next retrieve his son ..." the Pindao touches can help you bring the child back and Pindao non-relative, so the Pindao also no reason to help you ... "Black Road reveal an embarrassed look, Wu Tianhua immediately understand people is to his close followers, but how can the master of this apprentice to mention out, natural apprentice mentioned, the meaning of these words have been very clear, heard Wu Tianhua quickly knelt down, knock knock a few Road, also requested that long to accept disciples!Disciples never forget, Master Daendade, " "Up, the good [/url=http://www.rnbag.com/]copy purses[url] believers!"Black Road laughing, "until tomorrow, as a teacher to pass the door of your Arcane, remember with a successful practice, do not talk about with anyone I!"Having turned to go. "Thank you, Master!Disciples given not filed the Master trace of information! "Wu Tianhua stood up to, no mention of his son's things, and turned to go see Black Road, "urgent," Master, my son ... "" Well, you do not have to worry, your son a


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